Advanced Backlight is a statusbar applet that replaces Nokia's built-in backlight and volume applets. The goal is to provide the user with access to the full 128 levels of backlight, as opposed to the 5 levels that Nokia provides, and to reduce statusbar clutter by combining the volume and brightness applets into a single applet.

Screenshot of the statusbar with Advanced Backlight installed

The applet provides 128 levels of backlight for the N810 and 127 levels for the N800 by default, but this the backlight-off setting can be turned on or off for both devices. The icon is made up of 7 levels of backlight and 6 levels of volume (mute and 0-4) for a total of 42 icons.

Advanced Backlight is now in the Extras repository!

Easy way: .install

Get the .deb: advanced-backlight_0.15-0_armel.deb

See the Garage page:

Screenshot of Advanced Backlight open Screenshot of the Advanced Backlight preferences dialog

Change Log:

Advanced Backlight 0.15 (4/18/2008)

Advanced Backlight 0.14 (7/18/2008)

Advanced Backlight 0.13 (7/16/2008, -devel only)

Advanced Backlight 0.12 (7/14/2008, -devel only)

To Do:

Other Notes:

I'd like to thank all of #maemo for testing/suggestions, and especially GeneralAntilles for contributing custom icons and tons of motivation! :)

If anyone has any more suggestions, I'd be happy to consider them and possibly add a few more things to my TODO list.